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FerAppease Bovine® 300ml

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FerAppease Bovine is a synthetic analogue of the Maternal Bovine Appeasing Substance (MBAS).  FerAppease can and should be used every time animals are exposed to management and physiological stressors, where suppression of threat perception is desirable (i.e. castration, dehorning, weaning, vaccination, parturition, breeding, etc.). For use only in healthy cattle by topical administration to the nuchal skin and the skin above the muzzle. Multidose vial of 300 ml of FerAppease.

300ml treats 30 animals, no antibiotics, 100% natural no hormones

*Adjustable Dose Pour-On Gun is sold separately.

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What is FerAppease MBAS?

The active ingredient of FerAppease is a synthetic analogue of the Maternal Bovine Appeasing Substance (MBAS). MBAS is naturally secreted by the sebaceous gland located on the skin of the mammary gland with the unique function of inducing an appeasing effect on the nursing offspring.

FerAppease is topically applied, and the active ingredient (MBAS) is assimilated by the vomeronasal gland located in the nose of the animals. The MBAS stimulation of the vomeronasal gland desensitizes regions of the amygdala and the hypothalamus, dramatically decreasing threat perception and its downstream stress consequences.

How do you apply FerAppease?

FerAppease is for use only in healthy cattle by topical administration behind the poll and to the skin above the muzzle.

When can FerAppease be used?

FerAppease can and should be used every time animals are exposed to management and physiological stressors where suppression of threat perception is desirable. i.e. weaning, dehorning, castration, branding, transportation, commingling, vaccination, parturition, interruption of lactation (dry off), breeding, et al.

What is the dosage of FerAppease on Cattle?

>200 Lb.: Apply 5ml of FerAppease behind the poll and a second 5 ml application to the skin above the muzzle.

< 200 Lb.: Apply 2.5ml of FerAppease behind the poll and a second 2.5 ml application to the skin above the muzzle.

How long before FerAppease takes effect?

Behavior modulation and stress mitigation starts to take place immediately after FerAppease is applied.

Is a prescription required for FerAppease?

No, FerAppease does not require a veterinarian's prescription or a Veterinary Feed Directive plan.

How much does FerAppease cost per dose?

>200lb - 10mL dose: $3.00/ head
<200lb - 5mL dose: $1.50/ head

Are there any side effects of FerAppease?

There are no known side effects.

Is there a withdrawal period after using FerAppease?

No, there is no withdrawal period after using FerAppease.

Can FerAppease be applied when it’s raining?

FerAppease is an oil-based product. It is recommended to apply FerAppease on a dry animal. It is best to allow FerAppease at least 20 minutes to absorb into the skin of the animal before getting wet.

What is the duration of each application?

FerAppease is effective for a period of 14 days. Most economically relevant, stressful events have a duration of less than 14 days. Therefore, a single application will get the animals through the entire challenge period.

Is there a benefit to reapplying FerAppease after the 14-day period?

If an animal is being run through the chute after the 14-day period for any reason such as revaccinating, studies have shown there are benefits to reapplication at this time.

Does FerAppease expire?

FerAppease has a two-year shelf life.

How should FerAppease be stored?

Store at controlled room temperature at 10 - 30℃ (50-86℉). Do not refrigerate or freeze.

Where can FerAppease be purchased?

FerAppease is available for purchase in feed stores, veterinary clinics, through your MWI/AHI representatives or here on our website

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Never got

I ordered this product and emailed the company to ask them where it is . They said it should be coming . Still have not received it

Mark Engel

Administered this product to 8 steers that weighed about 600lbs. 10 minutes later put a halter on them for the first time and tied them in a stall. Today is day 8 of them being tied up and my 10 year old can lead them around the pen. Works great as anti stress and to calm cattle down. There feed intake has remained the same. No back off. Gave each only one dose.

jeff mcalmond
first time user

I just recently used FerAppease for the first time. I bought a group of 120 feeders weighing between 400-500lbs, some steers and some bulls. Some had been weened, and some were not. I was very please how well the stock settled down after they were worked which included your product. It will be a part of our protocol from now on.

Must Try!

My husband and I buy stockyard cattle ranging from 250 pounds up to about 400 pounds. We just bought 52 head with average weight of 325 pounds. Upon arrival we processed the cattle and used the FerAppease. We saw immediate results. When we put the calves out in the pasture, they went straight to the feed bunks and water. They have not walked the fence lines nor have they bellowed through the night! I highly recommend this product!!! We saw excellent results!

Dennis Williams
All came on time and easy.

All the order came onetime and easy.
Seems to work OK, calves are calmer but still a little noisy. But their stress level is noticeably lower.
Not a miracle but worth the effort.

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