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Shift Your Pigs from Surviving to Thriving

Stress and aggression is known to induce drastic changes in the way pigs utilize nutrients.

Epinephrin & Cortisol

The stress hormone epinephrin is known to increase gastrointestinal movement which causes nutrients to exit the body before they are fully digested. A second stress hormone, cortisol, is known to induce insulin resistance and catabolism, meaning that fat and muscle tissues are breaking down to provide energy to the stressed body.

Survival Mode

Stressed pigs are in survival mode, where the priority is to provide resources to the body in order for flight or to fight an eminent treat, and this metabolic status is very energy inefficient. You can overcome this obstacle with FerAppease MSAS.

FerAppease MSAS

The active ingredient of FerAppease is a synthetic analogue of the Maternal Swine Appeasing Substance (MSAS). MSAS is a naturally occurring substance that is secreted by the skin of the mammary gland of lactating sows, eliminating stress in all swine treated.

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Block the Stress. Face Fewer Costly Challenges!

FerAppease can and should be used every time swine are exposed to management and physiological stressors, where suppression of threat perception is desirable.

Interruption of lactation (dry off)
Heat stress mitigation

FerAppease in the Field

Scientific Data

Piglets Post-Weaning (Nursery)

FerAppease decreased mortality rate by 33% and increased weight gain by 20%

Sows Post-Commingling

FerAppease decreased the total number of aggressions 2-days after commingling by 49% and the average duration of aggressions after treatment by 24%


1. J. J. McGlone, D. L. Anderson, Synthetic maternal pheromone stimulates feeding behavior and weight gain in weaned pigs, Journal of Animal Science, Volume 80, Issue 12, December 2002, Pages 3179–3183.

2. Leonardo Bringhenti. (2023). Evaluation of a single administration of FerAppease at nursery arrival on weight gain and mortality. [Manuscript in preparation].

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