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Shift Your Cattle from Surviving to Thriving

Did you know that stress shifts your cattle's metabolism into survival mode? Stress may lead to decreasing weight gain and feed conversion and worsening health outcomes. Stress is a major obstacle keeping the cattle industry from becoming a more profitable endeavor. You can overcome stress with FerAppease.

The active ingredient of FerAppease is a synthetic analogue of the Maternal Bovine Appeasing Substance (MBAS). MBAS is a naturally occurring substance that is secreted by the skin of the mammary gland of lactating animals, eliminating stress in all cattle treated.

Block the Stress. Face Fewer Costly Challenges!

FerAppease can and should be used every time cattle are exposed to management and physiological stressors, where suppression of threat perception is desirable.

Interruption of lactation (dry off)
Terminal Sorting

FerAppease in the Field

Cow-Calf Operations | Stockers/Backgrounders | Feedlots

Dairy Operations

Heifers Easier to Handle and A Lot Calmer

FerAppease significantly impacts first-lactation heifers during calving. Previously enjoying 24 months of comfort, these heifers face intense stress when transitioning to work mode post-calving. Some exhibit flight risk behavior due to unfamiliarity with machines, new environments, and the shift from traditional rotary parlors. Fortunately, FerAppease alleviates their stress during these critical transitions.

Cory Craig, Operations Manager
Herrema Dairy, Fair Oaks, IN

"FerAppease protocol for our baby calves. They are treated from birth and every 14 days until we move them out of the hutches. Our preweaning mortality rate has dropped dramatically and calves are 18lbs heavier one week after they are moved to group housing. Calves are visually calmer, heavier, and healthier."

Dennis Eldred, Owner
Willet Dairy Farm, NY

"Despite the fact that we gradually wean our calves, we still notice that when we move calves out of the hutches and into group housing, our calves usually "cry" for at least two days after the move. When we started using FerAppease, we noticed the calves were quiet and the social stress was gone. More importantly, dry matter intake increased and post-weaning treatments were reduced."

Scott Blevins, Dairy Manager, Wiese Brothers, Greenleaf, WI

"Milking fresh heifers on a large western dairy farm is a task that few people take pleasure in doing. When I heard of FerAppease, I thought about my fresh heifers. We started using FerAppease within 24 hours from calving and our heifers are much calmer, and parlor loading has improved significantly. We believe this technology will help our people as much as it will help our animals.."

Jeff Poland, Dairy Operations Manager
13,000-Cow New Mexico Dairy

Scientific Data

Weaned Beef Calves

"Across all the studies that we ran, we typically saw a 15-20% increase in average daily gain post-weaning in calves that received the analogue at the time of weaning."

Dr. Reinaldo Fernandes Cooke, PhD
Department of Animal Science
Texas A&M University


"If you apply FerAppease before the stress of transport [to the feedlot], your average daily gain jumps from 20% to 30%. "

Dr. Reinaldo Fernandes Cooke, PhD
Department of Animal Science
Texas A&M University

Dairy Calves

Watch the mechanism of action and proven benefits of using FerAppease in pre-weaned dairy calves.


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