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AABP PodCasts - Effect of Maternal Bovine Appeasing Substance (MBAS) on Health and Performance of Preweaned Dairy Calves

Feb 27, 2024

AABP PodCasts - Effect of Maternal Bovine Appeasing Substance (MBAS) on Health and Performance of Preweaned Dairy Calves

Listen to the latest Have You Herd? Podcast with AABP Executive Director Dr. Fred Gingrich is joined by Dr. Reinaldo Cooke, professor at Texas A&M Animal Sciences Department to discuss the latest publication...

Published Research

Effect of maternal bovine appeasing substance on health and performance of preweaned dairy calves

Leonardo Bringhenti, DVM, PhD; Eduardo Colombo, DVM, PhD (Candidate); Marjory X. Rodrigues, PhD; Reinaldo F. Cooke, DVM, PhD

Shifts in uterine bacterial communities associated with endogenousprogesterone and 17β-estradiol concentrations in beef cattle

Rebecca K. Poole , Autumn T. Pickett , Ramiro V. Oliveira Filho ,Gabriela Dalmaso de Melo , Vignesh Palanisamy ,Sapna Chitlapilly Dass , Reinaldo F. Cooke , Ky G. Pohler

Comparison of a Chromogenic Urine Culture Plate System (UTid+)and Conventional Urine Culture for Canine and Feline Specimens

Stephen D. Cole, Maya Swiderski, Jaclyn Dietrich and Kathryn M. McGonigle

Comparison of Immediate Blanket Treatment versus a DelayedPathogen-Based Treatment Protocol for Clinical Mastitis Usingan On-Farm Culture Test at a Commercial German Dairy Farm

Stefan Borchardt and Wolfgang Heuwieser

Evaluation of milk sample fractions forcharacterization of milk microbiota fromhealthy and clinical mastitis cows

Svetlana Ferreira Lima, Marcela Lucas de Souza Bicalho, Rodrigo Carvalho Bicalho

The Lactococcus genus as a potential emerging mastitis pathogen group: A report on an outbreak investigation

M. X. Rodrigues, S. F. Lima, C. H. Higgins, S. G. Canniatti-Brazaca, and R. C. Bicalho

Evaluation of an On-Farm Culture System(Accumast) for Fast Identification of MilkPathogens Associated with Clinical Mastitis inDairy Cows

Erika Korzune Ganda, Rafael Sisconeto Bisinotto, Dean Harrison Decter,Rodrigo Carvalho Bicalho

Comparative analysis of four commercial onfarm culture methods to identify bacteriaassociated with clinical mastitis in dairy cattle

Jair C. Ferreira, Marilia S. Gomes, Erika C. R. Bonsaglia, Igor F. Canisso, Edgar F. Garrett,Jamie L. Stewart, Ziyao Zhou, Fabio S. Lima

Longitudinal metagenomic profiling of bovine milk to assess the impact of intramammary treatment using a third-generation cephalosporin

Erika K.Ganda, Rafael S. Bisinotto, Svetlana F. Lima, Kristina Kronauer, Dean H. Decter, GeorgiosOikonomou, Ynte H. Schukken & Rodrigo C. Bicalho

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